Bi-Folding Glass Doors

Creating seamless transitions to the outdoors.

Adurra’s bi-folding accordion door sets the new standard for folding doors.

Bi-Folding accordion style patio doors are particularly suited for large dimensions and designed to fully transition rooms, large spaces or landscapes both indoors and out. They are ideal for making dramatic connections with verandas, gardens, cooking areas and more.


Connect to the outdoors.

They are configured from three to seven inward-swinging, folding panels made of tempered glass that are interconnected on our unique hinge and operating system. This application allows the doors to meet in numerous ways, fold smoothly to either side and even allow for an operable door.

The ultimate bi-folding patio door creates a real indoor/outdoor living experience, with panels that fold inward like an accordion. Our configurations allow for a single swinging door for quick and convenient everyday operations.

Contact one of our representatives to determine which typology best fits your needs.

3 + 0 configuration

2 + 1 configuration with a master door

3 + 1 configuration with a master door

3 + 3 configuration with double master

6 + 1 configuration with master door

Built-in screens.

For double door openings or openings up to 4m, double Plisse screens are ideal to maximize your views without having a permanent mechanism obstructing your views.

Compatible with Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors, Tilt & Turn balcony doors and Bi-fold accordion doors.

Max width; 4m

Max height; 2.5m

The color that fits your needs.

AMMOS 9005

Ammos 9005

AMMOS 9016

Ammos 9016


Sahara 521


Sahara 502

AMMOS 7021

Ammos 7021

AMMOS 7015

Ammos 7015