Forget what they say about glass houses.















With Adurra’s custom-designed European fenestration systems, architects and designers with specific structural and visual-art requirements no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics for performance.

The unparalleled fabrication process and structural integrity of our windows allow you to achieve panoramic views without traditional limitations of size or space.


Our superior quality panoramic windows are uniquely custom-made to order for all permitted structural openings and exceptionally adapted for our Nordic Canadian climate.



They are factory finished with state-of-the art architectural hardware, your personalized focal-point accent finishes and sturdily enforced with police recommended multi-point locking mechanisms.

Our remarkable applications and impressive array of options will surely offer you; uncompromised performance, rugged durability, low maintenance and maximum longevity meant to increase your investment value.

At Adurra, we create visual impressions without limitations.