Getting to know us…
Manufactured in Europe since 1988, Adurra’s aluminum fenestration systems have become the leading choice for designers and architects with specific structural and visual-art requirements for their dream-model homes, renovation projects and commercial developments.


At Adurra, we believe the creation of an idea is a process that will reflect on both your personality and your style. Our philosophy is to help you achieve your goal by bringing to life all creative architectural designs, which is why we only have aluminum products custom tailored to each of your specific needs.

Getting to know our products…
Our European window and door applications are custom-made to order for any permitted size openings and uniquely fabricated with state-of-the-art materials exceptionally adapted for our Canadian climate. We never compromise our quality standards or reputation. We greatly believe that superior products should be backed by a trustworthy warranty, dependable after-sales service and expert customer-care solutions from conception to installation.


The quality of our products will surely astound you…adding Adurra products to any of your projects will instantly add value, style and security, making you the pride and envy of the neighborhood.


By dealing directly with European manufacturers, we have hand selected only the highest quality components, to assemble the finest product on the market. With this attention to detail, we present to you the best value for your investment. We offer comprehensively remarkable window and door packages with a stunning array of styles, materials, accents, colors and personalized focal-point finishes that will ignite your imagination at sound price and value to quality ratios.


Allow your inspirations to take over and guide you, and you will soon find yourselves at our doors.

In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched Energy Star, a program that aims to help individuals protect the environment with energy efficient products.


Eco FriendlyAccording to The Aluminum Extruders Council, aluminum is the most recommended building material in the market today; 100% recyclable and infinitely scalable without any alteration of its qualities. This superior quality and structural integrity is what permits us to custom make window and door applications without traditional size or space limitations.


Because of their high weather and sound insulation levels coupled with maximum security and aesthetics, the ideal solution for high performance and large opening systems is aluminum. The superiority of the aluminum composite we use is designed to provide thermal resistance, to specifically withstand Nordic winters and ensure warmth and durability.


At Adurra, we understand the importance of sustaining our environment and the responsibly in conserving our planet’s natural resources. It is the main reason we selectively chose to manufacture our fenestration applications with eco-friendly materials such as commercial-grade aluminum and ‘sustainably harvested’ wood core products.


To learn more about energy-efficient products at Adurra, contact us here.