Creating Seamless Transitions to the Outdoors

Connecting with the outdoors.

Enlarging patio openings is a great way to bring in more light, maximize air flow in the summer months when the doors are open and expand your views of the outdoors. Extending your livable space to the outdoors can be achieved with larger openings.


Blending with the outdoors.

Depending on your space, style and budget, there are two options we offer you to achieve a seamless and effortless transition to the outdoors.

Sliding Patio Doors.

Lift & Slide patio doors open by moving the panes from one side to the next, depending on the configuration. Although you won’t be able to fully open the room into the outdoors, this option is ideal for smaller spaces where place is limited. When the door is closed during the winter months, you can benefit from maximized views.

Bi-fold Accordion Doors.

Bi-folding accordion glass doors operate with each panel folding on top of each other towards the interior. These systems are meticulously designed to stack and fold against walls to create large openings towards the outdoors. Aside from flooding any room with natural light, when the doors are open your patio becomes an extension of your indoor living space.

The View.

One of the biggest advantages to Lift & Slide doors is that they have fewer panels combined with a larger surface area of glass which offers unhindered views to the outdoors. With sliding doors, you will have lots of natural light flooding into the room which will brighten up your home.

Despite bi-fold doors giving you a wider opening to the outdoors when in use, when they are closed there are vertical frames which impede your views to the outdoors.

To sum it up, Lift & Slide doors have a larger glass ratio compared to the frame which results in unhindered views to the outdoors. If your priority is to maximize the natural light in your home, sliding doors are the best option for you.

The Access.

One of the biggest advantages of bi-fold glass doors is that they fold up on each other which can entirely open up a whole wall towards the outdoors. These systems are ideal for blending the indoors to the outdoors but they require more room in the interior as the panels stack up on the inside of the house.

Lift & Slide patio doors either open left to right, or right to left, which means there is always a fixed piece of glass somewhere on the opening.

The Flexibility.

Lift & Slide patio doors can offer users greater control, in terms of how wide to open the door.

Although bi-fold accordion doors have a “master” door, meaning a door that can be used for simple in and out without having to open the entire accordion, this panel will open and close like a regular door making it less versatile.