Lift & Slide Patio Doors

Blur the line stylishly and effortlessly between indoors and out by enjoying both worlds in style.

Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors give new meaning to functionality and style. The Lift & Slide patio door is specially designed for larger openings to offer unobstructed views and ample natural light, all while maintaining increased level of security and a modern design.

A simple turn of the door handle deploys wheels that gently lifts the moveable operable panel and smoothly rolls it sideways to open up any wide walls into stunning vistas with unimpeded views.

The Lift & Slide patio doors are factory finished with your choice of colors or textures and are available with optional built-in accordion-style screens.

Built-in screens.

The Plisse retractable screen is the most innovative in today’s screen market. The pleated screen fabric allows you to roll the screen away when not in use to maximize your views of the outdoors.

One leaf.

Single plisse screens can accommodate single door ways or openings up to 2m. They disappear completely out of sight making them ideal to maximize your views.

Compatible with Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors and Tilt & Turn balcony doors

Max width; 2m

Max height; 2.5m

Two leaf.

For double door openings or openings up to 4m, double Plisse screens are ideal to maximize your views without having a permanent mechanism obstructing your views.

Compatible with Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors, Tilt & Turn balcony doors and Bi-fold accordion doors.

Max width; 4m

Max height; 2.5m

Connect to the outdoors while maintaining a view.

Contact one of our representatives to determine which typology best fits your needs.

Single lifting sliding sash with fix.

Double lifting sliding sash that meets in the middle with two fix.

Two lifting sliding sashes with fix in the middle.

Single lifting sliding sash with two fix.

Sturdy & Reliable.

Our Lift & Slide patio doors come equipped with a sturdy lock and bolt mechanism that will keep you and your home safe from unwanted intruders.

Fitted with advanced gearing solutions and advanced locking systems, the Lift & Slide patio door is the ideal solution for large openings. Their sturdy hardware allows them to hold more glass which offers you more light and maximized views.

Available colors include black, white and silver

** available exterior key lock and cylinder upon request

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