Preparing for Installation Day

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As you are eagerly anticipating the installation of your new windows, ensuring a smooth installation process will require some planning. Follow these steps to ensure a successful installation day:

  1. Coordinate with contractors: We will provide you with all the information and documentation necessary to ensure a smooth installation of your Adurra windows. We collaborate closely with you and your construction team to ensure that the window openings align precisely with the specifications of your chosen windows. Accurate measurements and properly sized openings are key.
  2. Verify measurements: Double-check the measurements of the window openings to avoid any discrepancies. Confirm that they match the specifications of the ordered windows.
  3. Clear the construction site: Prior to installation, clear the construction site of any debris, construction materials or any obstructions that might impede the installation process. Unobstructed access is crucial.
  4. Protect your surrounding areas: Cover nearby surfaces, floors, and furniture in the vicinity of the window installation area. This shields them from dust, debris, or potential damage during the installation. 
  5. Communication: Be present or easily reachable to address any last-minute queries or concerns the installation team might have. Clear communication minimizes misunderstandings and ensures a smooth process.

By following these comprehensive steps, you pave the way for a seamless installation day. A well-prepared site and effective communication with the installation team are crucial for a successful outcome.