Fenestration Guide: What is an Egress window?

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An egress window is a specific type of window that is designed and installed to serve as an emergency exit from a home, especially in situations like fires or other emergencies where a safe and quick escape route is needed. Egress windows are typically required in bedrooms, basements, and other living spaces to provide occupants with a means of exiting the building safely.

Some key characteristics: 

  1. Size: Egress windows must meet specific size requirements to allow for easy exit and entry. These size requirements are often specified by local building codes and regulations. In general, the window opening must be large enough to accommodate an adult person and allow them to escape comfortably.

  2. Accessibility: Egress windows should be easily accessible and not obstructed by furniture, decorations, or other items. They should provide a clear path to a safe area outside the building.

  3. Location: Egress windows are required in specific areas of the home, such as bedrooms, basements, and other sleeping areas. The exact requirements can vary based on local building codes and regulations.