Powder Coated Aluminium Profiles: Recommendations for protection, cleaning & maintenance

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Cleaning and maintenance frequency depends on what weather the profiles are exposed to, which is why maintenance should be handled differently depending on the region. In Nordic climates, away from the coastline, the suggested maintenance cleaning frequency is every 6 months to 1 year depending on the surrounding urban activity. 

How to clean powder-coated surfaces:

  • Remove any dirt and debris with a wet sponge. 
  • To clean the profiles, use a soft brush or non-abrasive cloth with mild household soap. Never use steel wool, scrapers, sandpaper or abrasive cleaning products as this will permanently scratch the window profiles. Any cleaning product that requires gloves when handling is a good indicator that it is too harsh and should not be used on powder-coated aluminium.
  • After cleaning, rinse any excess with water and wipe to dry. Pressure washers are not recommended.
  • When lubricant is used on the system accessories and hardware during maintenance, any excess should be cleaned from the coated surfaces with a damp cloth.