Why aluminum?

Maximizing views without compromising efficiency.

Be the change. Be sustainable.

Aluminum is a highly durable material that will last you a lifetime. In the past, aluminum fenestration products were deemed less favorable because of low thermal efficiency. Today, with innovative thermal breaks within the frames, aluminum can be just as energy efficient as other materials on the market.

Commitment to Quality, Conservation & the Planet

According to The Aluminum Extruders Council, aluminum is the most recommended building material in the market today; 100% recyclable and infinitely scalable without any alteration of its qualities.

Durability & Flexibility

Because of their high weather and sound insulation levels coupled with maximum security and aesthetics, the ideal solution for high performance and large opening systems is aluminum. The superiority of the aluminum composite is designed to provide thermal resistance, to specifically withstand Nordic winters and ensure warmth and durability.

Choosing an energy efficient system is the best way to avoid waste but also to achieve large unobstructed views without compromising efficiency. Aesthetically, you can have larger uninterrupted pieces of glass due to the brute strength of aluminum frames, without compromising efficiency. Achieve a slimmer appearance over larger glass surfaces to make seamless transitions to the outdoors.

Energy Efficiency.

Thermal Insulation

Thermally insulated aluminum window systems are the new innovative technologies in the industry. They are equipped with polyamide or polyetherimide insulating bars that prevent isothermal flow from the interior to the exterior. The degree of thermal insulation will all depend on the width of these insulation bars in the window profile chambers.

Thermal Insulation

Any window contains both glass and aluminum frames. Both glass and frame therefore need to be considered for the true insulation values. Always ask about the UG levels, both UG and UF values will define the system’s total energy performance.

The degree of thermal insulation will all depend on the width and shape of the insulation bars.

Knowing the values.

There are always three different U-values to consider in windows:

  • Uw gives the overall value of the window by incorporating both U-values for glazing and framing, but also influenced by the size of the windows
  • Ug gives the U-value for the glazing
  • Uf gives the U-value for the frame

Make the right choice.

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Air Permeability.

Water Tightness.


Wind Resistance.

Sound Reduction.

Aluminum Tilt and Turn Balcony Door Montreal
Aluminum Tilt and Turn Balcony Door Montreal

Energy Efficient.