Product Maintenance

By dealing directly with European manufacturers, we have hand selected only the highest quality components to assemble the finest product on the market.

The proper care and regular maintenance of any Adurra product will ensure longevity of performance and proper functioning.

All aluminum products require regular use of non-aggressive and non-damaging cleaning agents.


Following the installation;

  • All aluminum and glass surfaces should be cleaned with mild soapy water or non-abrasive washing solutions with a soft cloth or sponge
  • To remove tough stickers, always soak them for 5 minutes before peeling for easy removal

General maintenance;

  • Always remember to clean hidden or hard to reach places of your fenestration systems. Failure to do so can make water drainage difficult
  • Always remove moisture from glass, gaskets, sealants and frames following cleaning to avoid deterioration

To avoid;

  • Never use chemicals, solvents or abrasive cleaners on the aluminum frames. Using high-chemical products could potentially damage the finish of the windows.
  • Never use abrasive cloths or sponges, steel brushes, metal scrapers or abrasive pads when cleaning the glass.
  • Never use high pressure spray nozzles.
  • Never place outdoor sprinkler heads pointed towards your fenestration systems

Proper maintenance of accordion screens will ensure that the product you purchased continues to function for many years. Some environments are more aggressive than others so it is necessary that the owner assesses the level of care that is appropriate for the location.

The following basic maintenance practices are recommended;


Screens should be rolled away completely when not in use. This will help protect the screen material from being damaged by the environment and will also help keep it clean. In very windy conditions, the screen must be rolled away for safe storage.


The screen mesh can be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth when necessary. Using a mild detergent and a gentle wiping cloth will produce a superior finish as will a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head.


The bottom track of the screen can collect dirt and debris which, if not removed, can affect the operation of the screen mechanism. Vacuuming the channel with a nozzle that reaches the inside of the channel is the best solution.