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Determining the best type of hardware is as much about security than it is style. Multipoint locking systems use traditional locking technology to address modern security needs. Today, there is a high demand not only for style and functionality but most of all, durability.


Protecting you and your home from unwanted intruders.

Multipoint locking systems uses traditional locking technology to address modern security needs.

The design of the central locking system is security. Multipoint locking systems are practically impossible to break in. You can rest assured that the quality and durability of Adurra hardware will protect you and your home from unwanted intruders. These systems include state of the art hardware that lock at different points throughout the door. Instead of one dead bolt, it has three at the top, middle and bottom.

Multipoint locking systems use one locking mechanism combined with dual-actual deadbolts, which means they all respond to the same key turn.

Effortless operation.

Adurra’s Tilt Turn hardware technology is appealing, functional and user-friendly. You can effortlessly turn the handle to achieve an open or tilt position with one hand. The hardware features high level security providing even greater protection for you and your home.


Simplicity at its finest.

Standard hardware allows for better ventilation options.

Aluminum Tilt and Turn Balcony Door Montreal

Concealed multipoint hardware.

Integrated multipoint locking hardware increases both security and air tightness.


Energy efficiency.

The obvious choice for opting for a multipoint locking system is security, but these systems come with an added advantage. Multipoint locking systems increase the energy efficiency of your entry door, aside from added security appeal. With this locking system in place, your exterior doors are held air-tight to the frame preventing the escape of hot air during the winter months and cold air during the summer months.