Tilt & Turn Balcony Doors

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Tilt & Turn style balcony doors are the most versatile and distinctive patio doors on the market, making them a far superior alternative to conventional balcony doors.

Adurra’s Tilt & Turn balcony doors are a European-style door with two distinct functions; the tilt top position provides draft-free ventilation with worry free rain protection while the turn position opens the door. Both functions can be achieved with one handle.

Aluminum Tilt and Turn Balcony Door Montreal

The basics.

Like traditional doors they in-swing for entry or exit… but in the tilt position, the entire door gently tilts inward to provide air circulation and cross ventilation without compromising security.

They are custom-made to order for any permitted structural openings, entirely fabricated with commercial grade aluminum materials and sturdily enforced with police recommended multi-point locking mechanisms.

The color that fits your needs.

AMMOS 9005

Ammos 9005

AMMOS 9016

Ammos 9016

Neokem 521 Caravan

Sahara 521


Sahara 502

AMMOS 7021

Ammos 7021

AMMOS 7015

Ammos 7015

One leaf.

Single plisse screens can accommodate single door ways or openings up to 2m. They disappear completely out of sight making them ideal to maximize your views.

Compatible with Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors and Tilt & Turn balcony doors

Max width; 2m

Max height; 2.5m

Two leaf.

For double door openings or openings up to 4m, double Plisse screens are ideal to maximize your views without having a permanent mechanism obstructing your views.

Compatible with Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio doors, Tilt & Turn balcony doors and Bi-fold accordion doors.

Max width; 4m

Max height; 2.5m

Sturdy & Reliable.

GU Hoppe Toulon


Adurra’s window handles come equipped with integrated basic security features that will protect you and your home from unwanted intruders.

As the handle is turned up to 180 degrees from the locked position, a series of clicks can be heard.


Available colors include black, white and silver

The solution that fits your needs.

Single opening tilt turn.

Single tilt turn windows have two functions; the tilt position allows you to vent the room while the turn position enables the window to open inwards.

Double opening tilt turn.

Double opening tilt turn window systems have a wider unobstructed opening. Each sash can turn to open but only the master sash can tilt and turn.

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Technical Characteristics