Patio & Balcony Doors

The perfect ambiance-enhancing application for your home.

Whether you are expanding a room, enhancing a view or creating a seamless transition to the outdoors, Adurra’s Panoramic Patio & Balcony Doors are the perfect ambiance-enhancing application for your home or business.

Our remarkable applications and impressive array of options will surely offer you; uncompromising performance, rugged durability, low maintenance and maximum longevity meant to increase your investment value.

Our European designed applications are uniquely custom-made to order for any permitted structural openings, meticulously fabricated with commercial grade aluminum materials and exceptionally adapted for our Nordic Canadian climate.


The solution that fits your needs.

Lift & Slide Patio Door

Lift & Slide.

Adurra’s Lift & Slide patio door gives new meaning to functionality and style. The Lift & Slide patio door is specially designed for larger openings to offer unobstructed views and ample natural light, all while maintaining increased level of security and a modern design.

Tilt & Turn Balcony Patio Door

Tilt & Turn Balcony Doors.

Adurra’s Tilt & Turn balcony doors are a European-style door with two distinct functions; the tilt top position provides draft-free ventilation with worry free rain protection while the turn position opens the door. Both functions can be achieved with one handle making them a far superior alternative.

Accordion Patio Door - 4 sash

Bi-fold Doors.

Adurra’s bi-folding accordion door sets the new standard for folding doors. Bi-Folding accordion doors are suited for large dimensions and designed to fully transition rooms, large spaces or landscapes. They are ideal for making dramatic connections with verandas, gardens, cooking areas and more.