Multipoint products, such as windows and doors, may require adjustments for several reasons.

Adjustments should be performed by professionals with specific expertise in the installation and maintenance of this type of product.

  1. Settling and Shifting: Buildings can experience settling and shifting due to factors like changes in the foundation, soil movement, or temperature fluctuations. This can cause the frame of the door or window to shift slightly, leading to misalignment with the locking mechanisms.

  2. Climate Changes: Changes in temperature and humidity levels throughout the seasons can cause materials to expand and contract. This can lead to slight shifts in the frame and components of the door or window, requiring adjustments.

  3. Faulty Installation: If the door or window was not initially installed correctly, it can lead to misalignment and operational issues. Proper installation is crucial for the long-term performance of multipoint products. It is recommended that the tilt-and-turn products are installed by Adurra teams to ensure proper fit, sealing and operation. Professional installation maximizes the performance and durability of your products.

  4. Misuse or Force: Incorrect use or applying excessive force to the door or window, such as slamming it shut, can cause misalignment and impact the locking mechanisms.

  5. Building Movement: In some cases, larger factors like earthquakes or structural changes in the building can cause shifts that affect the alignment of doors and windows.

If you notice any adjustment issues, it is recommended that you request a service call to resolve the issues.